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So, Crystal Trahan, We’re Wondering…

Crystal’s yoga journey started in 2017. She wanted to get back into shape and lose weight. But little did she know Yoga was going to completely change her life in so many Great ways. Yoga truly has helped her in so many areas of my life and she’s loving every minute of it!! Her favorite Yoga styles are restorative, gentle flow and Yin. She’s excited to see where her Yoga journey takes her and to keep learning and growing as a teacher and a student!!

Crystal wants to bring Yoga to all ages and groups of people, She wants to share the joy and wellness it brings her with others and to help people live to the best of their ability!!

Outside of the yoga studio, Crystal loves to spend time with her two boys. She also likes to read, swim, garden and cook

Fun Facts:

☆ Crystal is also a CNA and loves helping others

♡ She looks forward to meeting every one of you!!!

Do you remember your first yoga class? When was it? Where was it? Who taught it? Who did you go with? Why did you decide to go?

1st class outside of my home was a hot vinyasa at SWET in Springfield with Brandy Davis. I just so happened to stumble on the studio, at the time I had many Homehealth clients in the area and well, even though I felt like I was going to die I totally wanted to come back for more and thats where my spark started and it turned into so much more!! A passion for better living for mind, body and spirit!!

What does yoga mean to you?

Love of self and others, Peace of mind, wellness and Joy

What does the practice of yoga give you? Does it take anything from you?

Yoga has given me a better life. It has helped me Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually. It helps me become a better person everyday!

Describe your dream yoga class to attend… What does it look like? What does it include?

I would love to eventually attend a Retreat. I don’t know, a few days to be out in nature and hike and do yoga with other people and to be away from my normal surroundings.

What is your favorite quote or savasana reading?

The light within me, Loves and respects the light within you. When you are in this place within you and I within me, We become one. NAMASTE

Do you have a favorite yoga text or life book?

My favorite 2 books are:

*Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga by Rolf Gates and Katrina Kenison

*Yoga Bitch by Suzanne Morrison

What’s your favorite yoga pose?

Pigeon (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)

When did you decide you wanted to become a yoga teacher? What influenced your decision?

In Feb 2020 I took the leap and went to Teacher Training. I wanted to do my 200-YTT to help develop my own practice. But the more we got into teacher training the more I knew I wanted and needed to teach Yoga to others. My influence is I wanted to give back to help others though Yoga because Yoga has Changed my life in so many ways and all for the better!!

What trainings have you taken?

I have received both my 200 and 300 hour certifications from Emery Bryant Yoga and I am Registered with Yoga Alliance.

Why are you passionate about teaching yoga?

I want to help others stay Mobile. Yoga can benefit so many people from all walks of life and I want to bring the Joy, Peace of Mind and all the wonderful benefits Yoga has to ALL

How do you include yoga off the mat, out of the studio and in your life? How have you grown in this area? And, are there any growth areas you are working on now that you feel comfortable sharing?

I'm more mindful in everything I do!! I have more more confidence and most importantly I am learning to love myself more and more each day and to Breathe.

How do you feel we are doing here in 417-land when it comes to making our yoga community more diverse, inclusive and accessible?

I think we are doing a good job in making Yoga more accessible to those who may have been hesitant about taking a yoga class.

What do you want to tell people considering a yoga practice or people who are just getting started on their yoga journey?

You Can do it. YOGA REALLY IS FOR EVERYONE!! And just like You, I still have so much to learn and Growing to do both on and off my Mat.. So come join me on the mat because I would love to help you start Your Yoga Journey!! It is Life changing!!

Where can students find you, both on social media and on the mat?

I'm not much on social media these days. But you can find me on my mat, teaching at the following times:

Tuesdays 8AM and 9:15PM at Salt Water Well

Wednesdays 10AM Chesterfield Family Center

Thursdays 2PM and 4:30PM at Salt Water Well

Fridays 8AM and 9:15AM at Salt Water Well and 1PM Chesterfield Family Center

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