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Welcome to “So, We’re Wondering…” A Blog Powered By Salt Water Well

Hi Everyone!!! Welcome to our very first blog post here at Salt Water Well. Salt Water Well is a boutique relaxation center in Nixa, MO, offering yoga, infrared sauna and dry salt therapy. When we say ”boutique,” we mean BOUTIQUE. Our space is tiny and we specialize in small group yoga classes with 5-7 people. We know we‘re just a tiny part of the yoga community here in 417-land. Which got us thinking… WHO ARE OUR NEIGHBORS IN THIS COMMUNITY?!?!?!?!?!?!

Our mission here is two-fold:

  1. We want to get to know ALL the fabulous yoga teachers here in the Ozarks. We’re a small studio with a very specific focus. Learning about all our other local teachers helps our students connect with other incredible people to practice with.

  2. We want to help people meet ALL the fabulous yoga teachers here in the Ozarks and learn a bit more about their yoga journeys - when they started practicing, why they started teaching, what they’re passionate about, where they’ve grown and where they’re growing. Everyone was a beginner once. Everyone has a story. We’re interested in learning more about the lovely leaders who bless us with their offerings.

So stay tuned… we’re excited to get this project started.

Do you have a yoga teacher you want us to feature or are you a yoga teacher with a story to share??? Comment below or Send us an email at

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