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Relax. Restore.

Salt Water Well Studio is the umbrella over several of our passion projects. 

We are a Black, Solo Mom-Owned Company. As such, we do our best to remove barriers to self-care for those who have felt most unwelcome in the wellness space, but who need it most - people just starting out on their yoga, wellness and parenting journeys. We aspire to be open and accommodating for those in all stages and in all phases of their life journeys. We crave community.

Learn More About Our Projects

We do a lot around here!!!


Dry Salt Therapy
Yoga and Meditation Instruction

Schedule an appointment with our mobile salt booth to support good respiratory and skin health!

We also specialize in 1-on-1 private yoga instruction in addition to yoga teacher continuing education and mentorship and guided meditation practices.

Golden Crystals

Mining Yoga Gold

This is our yoga popular media review podcast where we talk to our friends about life, yoga and other yoga podcasts!

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Water Signs Perinatal Services

Currently applying for nonprofit status, Water Signs provides perinatal support and full spectrum doula services. It is also the home of our Yemaya Maternity Closet and the future organizer of a perinatal support community. 

Missing our Salt Room for Dry Salt Therapy???

Yea, we are too.

We look forward to bringing portable salt therapy treatment and breathwork instruction into your homes and favorite community hot spots in 2023, so stay tuned!!!

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